Suzuki Violin Program FAQs


My child is asking to start violin lessons. Now what?

What an exciting time! The first step is to read through the information about the Suzuki philosophy and the Hammond Suzuki Studio program. After that, click on the contact tab to send an email or call the studio at (343) 540-8536. Once we have made initial contact, we will arrange a time for an initial interview and lesson observation. Because of the studio term fee structure, new students can be accepted at any point in the year, however, once the lesson year has started, acceptance may be limited by availability of lesson times. Lesson times after 5pm are always in high demand. Please consider coming earlier in the afternoon if your family schedule permits. 

What is a lesson observation?

Coming to the studio to observe a lesson is a fantastic opportunity for you to get an idea of what the violin lesson experience is really like. I will make every effort to have you observe a lesson with a student that is a similar age and level to your child (although this is not always possible). Observation time may only be a portion of a lesson as this is meant to be a positive and inspiring experience for you and your child. 

Do we really need to participate in private lessons and group classes?

Yes! The Suzuki philosophy is predicated on the concepts of musical environment and community. Private lessons are focussed solely on the individual student. This is an opportunity to learn new skills. Group Class is an opportunity to connect with other violinists in a social and musical way. It is also a free forum for each student to explore music, the violin and all their skills in a more relaxed frame work. 

Where should I go to get an instrument?

Selecting a quality instrument is important for you and your child. Having an instrument with good tone quality, that has been properly adjusted will make practice a much more enjoyable experience. We are fortunate to have excellent options for both rentals and purchase in Ottawa. Please ask me for specific recommendations. All instruments will need to be thoroughly inspected and approved by me before starting lessons.   

How often should we listen to our Suzuki recording?

Daily listening is essential! Creating a musical environment for your child begins with daily listening to the Suzuki recordings. There are many ways listening can be incorporated into your daily life. What matters the most is that you and your child are listening to these pieces as many times as possible.   

How much practice time will we need?

There are many things to consider when suggesting a quantity of practice time. These include the age of the student, the level of repertoire and the weekly practice assignments. Some families prefer to split their practice time into smaller units throughout the day, while others like to carve out a longer segment of time for practice. In very general terms, most beginners need approximately 15-30 minutes of practice time per day. Please keep in mind this is merely a general guideline.  

Our family has younger siblings. Can we bring them to the lesson?

Your lesson time is reserved for you and your child. It is important that both of you be able to remain fully centred in the violin lesson. If siblings are able to play quietly for the length of the lesson they are welcome to attend. There is a small table in the studio with colouring books and puzzles.