Suzuki Early CHildhood Education FAQs


Why do we sing the same songs every other week?

The Suzuki philosophy is founded on the principle of skill mastery. Little children LOVE repetition! Repetition is comforting and a great way to build confidence. Familiarity with class activities and flow is a wonderful source of comfort for students and an essential ingredient to building a positive learning environment.  

Why such small classes?

A unique feature of SECE is the small class size. In this calm environment, each child has the opportunity to fully experience all activities while parents and teachers have the opportunity to observe every developmental step! 

What if I (the grown up) don't know all the songs?

Don't worry, just follow the teacher! This is a special experience for you and your child. The home materials recording should be played at home everyday for both you and your child as part of your musical home environment. Listening daily will help you learn those words too! You can also read through the words in the SECE booklet. 

My child is an older toddler. May I just drop him/her off for class?

All SECE students must be accompanied by a grown-up: a family member (grandparents are always welcome!), or assigned caregiver. This is not a drop-off program. 

What if my child is crying or disruptive in class?

We've all been there! If your child is having a tough day, please calmly take your child out of the class room until you are both ready to return. Perhaps just a trip to the water fountain or quiet hug can reset the situation. If you need additional support, please feel free to contact me at your convenience to talk about how we can work together help you and your child.

We need to miss a class. Now what?

Hammond Suzuki Studio SECE is unable to offer makeup classes, or refunds for missed classes. Prorated session fees are only available for late registrations up to the fourth week of class. 

We love our SECE class, but must withdraw from the program. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are possible prior to the start of the first class in the session. To ensure proper record keeping, please submit your request to withdraw from your class by email. If written notice is submitted before the start of the first class, your session fee will be refunded, less a $20 administration fee. After the session has started, no refunds will be issued.  

I am considering signing up. Can we come to a demo or introduction class?

The Hammond Suzuki Studio SECE program is committed to creating the most musically enriching environment for all families. Please contact Debbie to discuss registration possibilities.